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The town of Asenovgrad is located at the foot of the Rhodope Mountain, Southern Bulgaria. An original architectural wreath of 5 monasteries, 33 churches (14 in the city itself), and more than 40 chapels, surround this ancient nook. The area around Asenovgrad is a genuine spiritual cloister not only for Christians, but for anybody looking for a contact with the past and the rich historical culture of the town.

Asenovgrad is famous for the specific flavour of its red Mavroud wine. The Mavroud is a variety of traditional Bulgarian grapes, which is thought to be one of the best quality and most valuable local sorts. The wine itself is an unfailing companion in every wedding ceremony. Asenovgrad is rich in workshops and shops for wedding dresses. Even the fussiest future wives from across Bulgaria come to “the town of brides”, as Asenovgrad is called, to order their wedding clothes.

If you want a classical hotel vista and quality service, you will easily find these in Asenovgrad. However, if you are more attracted to the ruins in and around the town, you can look for a more artistic place for the night. The old part of the town offers a few small hotels that welcome visitors with their antique glamour. One of these hotel houses was built in 1740 by once popular masters from the Rhodopes village of Yugovo.

You can take a walk to the Thracian sanctuary of Belintash, it is located some 30 km away from Asenovgrad very close to Krastova Gora, which is a place wrapped in mystery and folk beliefs. The Bachkovo Monastery, which is the second biggest in Bulgaria, is also near Asenovgrad. A few paths starting from the monastery lead to the Red Rock- a unique place that overlooks a bottomless abyss. A few big waterfalls and caves are scattered nearby.

Another pride of Asenovgrad is the picturesque river of Chaya. It passes through the heart of the town, meandering for a long time into the central part of the Rhodopes.

The river of Chaya is part of the childhood of every resident of Asenovgrad, there is hardly a person from the town who is not strongly and lastingly connected to the river. The waters of Chaya shelter barbel and chub. Keen fishermen, however, can go as far as 3 km away from the town, along Chaya’s banks, to fish trout.


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