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Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo monastery is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria. It is beautifully situated on a ledge, on the right from the Valley of Chepelarska River, close to the village of Bachkovo, 10 km from Asenovgrad and 30 km from Plovdiv. This easy accessibility makes it the second most visited monastery in the country. During the weekends and on big orthodox holidays large groups of pilgrims and tourists come to pay a visit and spend a few relaxing our in the picturesque surroundings. The climate is favourable, as the spot is in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. The summers are breezy and the winters mild. Therefore, most vegetables and fruits could be successfully grown in the yards.

The monastery estate is almost 8000 sq.m and about 440 meters above sea level. It includes two yards and four churches. The monastery has 18 chapels, 10 in Asenovgrad and 8 around it. In the close vicinity, one can find the National reserve “The Red Wall”. It is famous for its fauna which includes a few rare animals and the plant Haberlea Rhodopensis, a prehistoric in nature, whose sky blue flowers enchant the visitors every spring. A stream gushes out of Kluviata, bringing life to the valley and as it progresses, its waters split in two beautiful waterfalls. The nearby Chepelarska river, which the locals call ‘Chaja’ has been the monastery trout fish supplier for a long time. Keen fishermen patiently wait on the shores and with hopes to get lucky. For those willing to try the fish without catching it yourself, it is served in most restaurants in the village. Visitors could stay at the monastery or at the many hotels and houses for private hire in Bachkovo.

The monastery is part of the Bulgarian Heritage. It is open to visitors at all times. In summer time from 7h to 20h. In winter from 7h to 19h.


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