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Taxis in Bulgaria are all painted bright yellow and are usually branded to a particular company.
They charge by the kilometre, with an initial fee of anywhere up to 1 lev.
Do make sure you have seen the price per kilometre and keep your eye on how the price is going up as you are travelling.
Your taxi driver is obliged to display his photo and I.D. on the dashboard as well as a number for you to call with any complaints.
A free taxi can be recognized by the green light on the right side of the windshield, red is occupied.

Plovdiv has three bus stations, Yug, Rodopi and Sever.

Schedules can be found  here  and here .

Most destinations of interest to travellers are served from Yug bus station, diagonally opposite the train station and a 15-minute walk  from the centre.

Bus station “South”– mainly for buses travelling to and from Sofia, Burgas and Varna and south of Plovdiv.
Address: 47, Hristo Botev Blvd
Main office – 032/626 937
Company Medilin – 032/632 095
Company “Metro” / directions Istanbul, Bursa and Prague / – 032/626 916
From the bus station to the city center you  can walk for about 20 minutes on one of the city’s famous streets “Ivan Vazov” – popular with its shoe shops, which is close to the bus station and the city center.

Bus station “Rodopi”
Address: Blvd Macedonia № 1 , 032/657828.
The bus station serves 38 destinations to administrative centers and to alpine places. It is situated right next to the Central Railway Station and to the hypermarket “Billa”.

Bus station “North”
Address: Dimitar Stambolov № 2 , 032/953 705
Bus station “North” serves 40 destinations to and from settlements north of Plovdiv.
The station is located in the northern part of the city, away from the city center.

The bus network in Plovdiv covers the whole city, as well as the suburbs. The price of the ticket in the public transport is 1BGN.
Tickets can be purchased by the inspector in the bus and by the drivers in the shuttle.

Central Railway Station of Plovdiv is situated near the center on 46, Hristo Botev Blvd.
From the station to downtown is about 15 minutes walking along “Ivan Vazov” street.

If you are over 20 years old and you have valid personal documents. Rental rate ranges from 30 to 90 levs per day, depending on the car.
You have to pay a deposit between 100 and 200 levs. If you rent a car for a period longer than 3 days, you get a discount.

Tani 97 Rent-a-car
Address: Brezovska № 31
Tel.: 032/969666

Niki rent-a-car
Address: Russian № 77
Tel: 032/621666 / ofis_plovdiv.php


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