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Tsar Simeon’s Garden

Tsar Simeon’s Garden

Tsar Simeon’s Garden in Plovdiv is created in 1892 by the Swiss landscape architect Lucien Chevalas (1840-1921). In 1879 Bulgarian knyaz Aleksandar Bogoridi invited Chevalas to become his gardener in Plovdiv. For all his contribution to the city, in 1901 he was declared an honorary citizen of Plovdiv, and also often is referred to as “the Minister of flowers”.

The park is declared a memorial of the park art. The classic fountain of Demetra, the goddess of fertility, has been preserved in the park since its creation. This fountain made by the Italian sculptor, Arnoldo Dzoke , is the only relic, reminder of the first Bulgarian exhibition held in the  place of today`s park. Other famous fountains are “The Little Fisherman” and “The Bear”. There are a lot of monuments of Bulgarian spiritual guides, modern sculptural compositions and plastic arts. The pond with the singing fountains is situated inwards the park. In the summer it attracts thousands of  guests and citizens of Plovdiv.

A Viennese pavilion is built in the centre of the park. The pavilion is with a metal openwork construction and is a replica of the 1936-Central Pavilion. All this was possible with the help of archival photographs and historical evidences from the Book of the fair.


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